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Lakers Programming


Below you will find all the new and free programming that MSC will be offering this spring season. We are looking forward to seeing everyone out at the fields!

Lakers Excellence Training is our newest program where provide to our top tier players in each age group an additional training session in a highly competitive environment locally and for free. Players are selected by the MSC Coaching Staff and MSC Directors. Players are constantly being evaluated to participate in this program. 

Train up Week is an MSC initiative to provide top-tier players of each individual team an opportunity to train up an age group or up a level. We want to provide players with different training environments, different coaching voice, coaching styles to develop the player. 

The benefits to this program are multiple from both the player and the coach perspective. From our end, it allows us to track player development and have multiple opportunities to formulate an opinion on the appropriate level of each individual player.

Train Up Week will consist of 2 training sessions with either a straight up or parallel movement between teams .

Straight up player movement example:  2006 Elite to 2005 Elite 

Parallel player movement example: 2005 Premier to 2005 Elite

Coaches will communicate with those selected players and let them know which team will they be invited to train up. 

Lakers Pool Training is an opportunity for our younger Laker Players to start the season in a new environment with different players and different coaches. Pool training will give provide a new challenge to the players as they will face different opponents and learn from a being exposed to a different coaching voice before returning to their team environment and prepare for the spring season.


Skills Nights are an additional training session for the U11 and U12 age groups during the month of March as they prepare approach the last month of the season before participating in the Bob Abbott Cup. Training session will have an emphasis on individual technique and simple tactics. 


Free Play Sunday is an opportunity for players to come and play in an environment that is set up for them to just come and express themselves. Coaching staff will be present to organize the events and organize and rotate teams. This can serve as an event to meet up with your friends for from your team or other age groups and enjoy a nice afternoon of soccer at the park. 


US Youth Soccer Mid- South Conference

US Youth Soccer Mid- South Conference

Louisiana Classic Soccer League

Louisiana Classic Soccer League