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Registration Open June 10th , 2023


  • 9U (2014) - Players - $350 per season
  • 10U (2013) -Players - $450 per season
  • 9U  $45 – Nike Recreational kit includes: 1 Black and 1 Light Blue jersey, black short, black socks.
  • 10U  $150- Nike competitive kit includes: 1 Black and 1 Light Blue Jersey, black short, and black and white sock
  • A separate, additional tournament fee $20-$30 is also collected by team managers during the season if needed for tournament/coaches travel.
  • Financial aid and payment plan are available.


The MSC Academy program provides a bridge between Recreational and Competitive Soccer with a specific, age-appropriate curriculum that is specially structured to provide a safe and fun soccer environment for kids to make optimal developmental gains as soccer players.  

The MSC Academy program is designed as the next level for 9U and 1OU players who are ready to progress from recreational soccer to a more structured training and playing program. The Academy is a center of training excellence where players are instructed twice weekly by certified staff members.
This program is a great introduction to competitive soccer and one which developmentally will give players the tools they need to advance to U11 competitive soccer.


  • To improve players technical skills (Dribbling, Passing-receiving, 1v1, Shooting/Finishing). 
  •  The players should be playing a minimum of 50% in all games but highly encourage more. 
  • Players will learn to play multiple positions 
  •  Create a healthy, learning environment.
  • To create smarter soccer players (THINKERS) - decision-making depending on game situations (on/off the ball) 
  •  Foster of love for the game.


Coaches are the role models for the players in soccer and as a person in an accepted position of authority, they have the largest impact. They can help the players “be the best they can be!” The interaction between the coach and player during practice and games is fundamental to the coaching process. 

Coaches will use a mixture of guidance, teaching, questioning and demonstrating to effectively communicate an inspire players to develop the understanding of the game.

• It is extremely important that coaches are able to put winning in perspective. 

• Coaches should encourage the players to be respectful of the game, the officials, and opponents. Losing needs to be viewed as an opportunity to learn for everyone.


MSC academy players are in what we call our “Learn to Train” phase.

Practice will take place twice a week 5:30-7pm on the Orange Complex with our certified staff coaches, each session being 90 minutes long.


MSC Academy players are pooled/team trained and developed using an age appropriate curriculum specifically designed and constantly improving by MSC coaching staff. The Academy utilizes certified coaches and training to help our soccer players develop in a fun and safe environment, with additional emphasis on player development for competitive soccer in a play practice play format.

MSC curriculum Technical Fundamentals focuses are:

  • Individual skills development-Me and My ball close 1st touch and dribbling.
  • Passing- connecting the lines, when to pass when to dribble.
  • Shooting/ finishing- when and how to score goals.
  • Defending-1v1defending-Intro to Principles of defending.



Spring 2023 Academy practices and games will begin the week of January 23rd. Schedules will be posted by the team’s managers on playmetrics. All Teams will play in:

  • In House small sided Games
  • LSAP Approved Jamborees
  • Pensacola Classic (U10 Only)
  • MSC Academy Festival (March 25th, 2023)
  • Friendlies

For more questions about our MSC Academy, Please email our academy director Glenn Benjamin